Bc and MA thesis

Here you can find information relevant when writing your bachelor and master thesis. For particular topics, please visit my university website:

The following instructions function as a starting point and we will discuss them further during our in person meeting.

1) Create a time plan.

First thing first - make a plan! What do you need to do first? What are the next steps? Try being as concrete as possible. Envisioning the concrete steps is an important part of the process. Planning resarch activities does not mean they will take place the way we envisioned them - but it makes it possible to talk about them and understand better, what is necessary to do.

2) Establish reading and writing journals.

You will need two key writing tools - your writing and reading journal. In your writing journal you can collect all the thoughts ideas but also practice writing on a regular basis. In your reading journal you can collect all the relevant readings you have done and related notes. It does not matter which format or tool you will use - it is good to test out different approaches, but then sticking to one through out the project.

3) Write an expose. You can find an example below.

In the similar way as the time plan, an expose is something to build over time and continuously revisit. You can find a template here.