ACCESS in pandemic

Stories from the online field

Year 2020 was challenging in so many ways: so many lives have been lost and so many things will never be the same. Although conducting a participatory design study with older adults in the mids of it seemed at times like a very unsignificant action, for as it was our way how to contribute to diminshing at least some of the consequences. This post is then a recollection of how our work was impacted and what we choose to do instead.

This post is based on project ACCESS which I got the opportunity to coordinate when working in the group IT for the Aging society.

If you are interested in hands-on guide on how to support older adults when using Zoom, please see our website, where it is freely available:

Original plan: older adults learning in PD

Dealing with Pandemic: Transitioning to online format

ACCESS 2021: Reaching goals and future