Enabling participation in design

Fostering wellbeing in the more-than-human world

Senior lecturer at division of HCI @ University of Gothenburg

(until March 2023 - if you have an exciting job offer for me, let me know at katerina.cerna86 [@] gmail.com)

We are currently in the middle of an ongoing wellbeing crisis: on the individual but also planetary level. I use design ethnographic and participatory approaches to understand learning and design to enable people to take the actions they need in the more-than-human world.

I am currently trying to understand these topics as a senior lecturer at MDI division at Applied IT/University of Gothenburg.


More-than-human design approach

My efforts connected to sustainability and design are collected under the project Grow 2B well.

Enabling participation in design

I also further explore wellbeing and how we can foster it by making sense of data we collect; especially through work within Appademin.

In the past, I tried understanding these issues in the area of aging and IT in group of Assistant Professor Claudia Müller as a postdoc in "IT for the ageing society" at the department of Infomation Systems at the University of Siegen. More specifically, I coordinated the ACCESS project, in which I focused on how we can enable older adults to become autonomous when using digital tools by involving them in participatory design process. ACCESS project was an interdisciplinary and international project. You can learn more about the project here.

I gained my PhD in Education sciences from the University of Gothenburg. In my PhD work I focused on how we can design for learning and knowing of nurses when they start using self-monitoring data in chronic care. You can learn about my thesis work more here.

My background is a mixture of HCI, learning science, sociology, strong drive to understand impact of technology on our society and will to do something about it.